Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A Quarter of Sherbet Lemons Please

Whilst visiting Lacock over the weekend, I stumbled across an old sweet shop which, according to local residents, has been closed for over thirty years. All the contents are still inside and the window display is the same as when the shop closed. 

The fittings were also all complete, I could just about see through the door to take some pictures of this fantastic shop but the quality isn't great. 

 None of it is a remake or set up to show artefacts, it is a real shop, complete with sweets in some of the jars! 

The village is quite a tourist site so I found it even more surprising that this shop was just left untouched, People were just walking past, it was so overlooked. I like that it hasn't been changed but maybe it should be preserved so that it is not lost forever. 

To find something like this was incredible, a time capsule to the past, it has been completely untouched.

Hayley Ann 


  1. it's nice...what a surprise!

  2. What an incredible find! I love old sweet shops, they are so magical. It just isn't the same buying sweets in the supermarket.

    1. You're so right Christina, it's a much more personal experience having your sweets weighed out. Thank you for commenting! X

  3. Wow! I've seen (online) time warp homes, businesses, luggage, auto collections, and warehouses before, but this is certainly the first candy shop. What an incredible slice of the past. I hope that the community does everything it can to preserve this special historic site, and truly love that you shared it with us (especially since one of my first jobs as a teenager was in a candy store, so I have a real soft spot for them).

    Big hugs & many thanks for your splendidly nice comment on today's new vintage outfit post, honey.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I have also read about many places lost in time but this is the first non-commercialised one that I have seen in real life. It was incredible. I work in a old fashioned sweet shop at the museum too so it was even more interesting. Best wishes xx


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