Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Back in Time to the 1920s

During our visit to Devon over Easter, we also visited my favourite National Trust property; Coleton Fishacre. Built in the early 1920s, this property was owned by the  D'Oyly Carte family and has an Arts and Crafts style which I love. The house is now furnished as it would have been during the era of glamour and Jazz. Upstairs is where the family live and is opulent and very stylish. You can then compare this to the Servants' quarters downstairs. 
 The dressing up room, my heaven! Couldn't resist trying this coat and hat. The coat is real fur, I don't really stand strongly on either side of the debate, I am neutral but I can understand why people find it upsetting.
There are so many beautiful dressing tables around the house, each with a different colour glass set. 
The saloon has such an impressive atmosphere. I could just imagine sitting in here sipping cocktails and listening to the grand piano.

 After all the opulence of upstairs you heard down to the servants' quarters. I imagined this more how ordinary people lived in the twenties and thirties. It appears though that the servants in this household still led a pleasing life and were surrounded by some luxury. The main room had a table set for tea and even a gramophone in the corner.

 The gardens are just as beautiful as the house and lead down to a cove with fantastic views. 

This such an incredible house and really does make you want to experience life in the golden era. Paired with a visit to Greenway (which I wrote about here) this makes a wonderful day out for any fan of times gone by! 

Hayley Ann


  1. thanks for sharing such nice post,
    goodmorning Hayley Ann,
    well,south Devon is a beautiful place with gorgeous garden,I loved the magnolia's photo & the garden in the greenway previous post...now here another stunning garden with the view of the sea...Wow...it'seems a mediterranean place!
    also Your photo wearing the vintage fur is breathtaking: You look so charming and Your pose is perfect! a very amazing Mistress of 1920s !
    have You tried other outfits?

    1. Hello Aure, Thank you for your lovely compliments. They do call this area the English Riviera as it reminds people of South France and the French Riviera. I did not try any other outfits at this house but I did love the dressing up! Best wishes.

  2. How charmingly beautiful! Despite living on the other side of the Atlantic, I spend what is arguably far too much time daydreaming about residing in sprawling British manor house like this. I'd have to win the lottery for that to likely ever happen, but, a lady can always dream, can't she?

    Until then (so, in other words, for ever) I live out those fantasies vicariously through wonderfully nice blog posts like this one.

    Wishing you a fantastic weekend, sweet dear!
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much your lovely comment on my vintage outfit post yesterday.

    1. We can always dream, and be thankful that wonderful organisations like the National Trust open and preserve these fantastic and beautiful houses for us to explore. Thank you for your comment Jessica xxx

  3. That looks really lovely - and surprisingly easy to recreate; the deco is all in the details.

  4. Hello lovely, I just had to come and find this post after you mentioned you'd blogged about Coleton! I will be posting pics from my own visit very soon. Isn't it a magical place? We did ask when we could move in...

    1. Can't wait to see your photos! It gets better every time you visit, such a beautiful place x


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