Monday, 29 June 2015

Forward Forty Years to the Forties

On 20th June, the Victorian museum that I work for stepped forward in time by forty years to the 1940s. There were lots of different wartime events and activities happening. Being obsessed with 20th century history, I had to be there! Each shop or dwelling had a different display of authentic elements from the wartime period.

 This table was laid out to show the weekly rations for one person and the kind of meal you could create. It was really interesting to see and made me realise how much waste there is now! 
I was quite surprised to find out that the sweet ration was 12 ounces a month as that seems quite a lot to me! I don't eat a quarter of sweets every week but I suppose there was less sugar in foods then. 

 A display of wartime toys in this house, toys were made out of everything, even spam tins were used.

I wore a skirt and blouse which were charity shop finds and a cardigan knitted from wool given to me in true wartime fashion! The cardigan is recently finished so I will share details in a separate post soon. 
I really enjoyed my evening experiencing wartime and it was nice to see the museum in a different era. 

Hayley Ann 

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Outfit Post: Dusky Pink

A lot of my clothes are from High Street brands but styled in a vintage way. I recently found this lovely Dusky Pink dress on the sale rail at Dorothy Perkins for the bargain price of £10.

 I have a lot of Dorothy Perkins dresses with a vintage style. I particulary like the fabric choice of this one, it resembles Crimplene and hangs really nicely. I find the fit flattering too and it suits my body shape.
I teamed the dress with vintage accessories. The brooch is a Coalport China rose which was very kindly given to me by a lady on the market. I couldn't believe my luck when I found out it was Coalport! I live near where they make this China and it is popular all over the world. 
I'm not sure what year the hat is from but it was another bargain at £2 from a local antique centre. It was a bit battered and needed a bit of love so I sewed two small flowers from a matching fabric and attached them to where the feathers sit. I was quite pleased with the result. 

Have you had any good bargains that needed a bit of love like my hat?

Hayley Ann x