Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Sunny Yellow - the perfect summer cardigan

In my last post there was a glimpse of a recently finished yellow cardigan. Today i'm going to share more details about my new favourite cardigan. My mum knit this cardigan for me using a mixture of an eighties pattern and her own creativity. I think she's done a great job! 
The wool was given to us by a friend and is a lovely sunny yellow, perfect for summer. I wanted a forties style so the top of the rib just sits on my waist, the sleeves are shorter and there is a little tie around the neck. 

We just used the eighties pattern for the lattice design and then designed the shape and style as we went along. I think there is quite a difference between the pattern and the finished article! I prefer mine a lot more! 

In true wartime fashion, this was knitted from the stash so we only had to buy the buttons. Total cost was one pound! 
I'm very pleased with this cardi, it matches with a lot more than I thought it would and fits me really nicely. Good job mum! 

I've only got the sleeves left on my green cardigan now so it won't be long before i'll be sharing another knit.

Hayley Ann x