Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Fifties Roses

I bought this fabric from a charity shop recently and fell in love with it! I decided that it just had to be made into something I could wear, and it has now become my new favourite skirt. This fabric is definitely old, I'm not sure how old but it has a very fifties vibe to it, so a fifties style skirt it became!
 The fabric was already hemmed at the perfect length for a skirt so all I had to do was stitch across the top to make gathers. I gathered the material to the right size for my waist and a couple of inches extra.
I then stitched down the side of the skirt and attached a waistband by hand.
The skirt is fastened with a press stud and small pearl button to keep it simple. 

 To go with the skirt, I have decided to knit a small 'Gretel cap' in a fine lacy knit. I picked up this pattern from a charity shop and the wool is from my stash but I think it matches perfectly!
I paired this with a simple white top and pink cardigan and a very cute sausage dog brooch which I recently bought from Cath Kidston. The hat is a fifties one andthe bag is also vintage from a charity shop too.
This skirt will definitely be getting a lot of wear, the fabric is just too beautiful to be locked in a cupboard!
Have you ever made anything out of vintage fabric and do you think it is the right thing to do, or should it stay as fabric to preserve it?
Hayley Ann


  1. You look pretty as a picture! What a great find, your skirt is very lovely!

  2. hello there,ciao...A standing ovation for Your charming & stunning Style!
    You're a great Artist of Style has You have created a such amazing lovely skirt and the pink cardigan...cheers!
    ciao ciao

  3. Oh my stars, that fabric is stop-you-in-your tracks stunning! What a sweet, classic, gorgeous floral. You've worked wonders with it here, honey, and created a masterpiece of a skirt (that I am beyond in love with!). Fabulous job!!!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. What a find! And I say fabric is meant to be made into something usable. I'm sometimes cautious about it myself but only because my skills aren't quite up to par. I look forward to being able to cut into vintage fabrics with confidence one day :)

  5. What a beautiful skirt, it looks perfect on you! And what luck that it was hemmed to the prefect length already, hemming is my least favourite part of sewing! That little cap is going to be gorgeous too!!

  6. Oh, that is adorable! The colours are so fresh and cheery, it's a real pick-me-up.

    I say use the fabric. If there's one thing dealing with a death in the family has taught me this year, it's that no-one will have the space to treasure all of your treasures when you're gone, or even see them as the treasures they are. Use the things you love and enjoy them!

  7. So sweet! I am always in awe of anyone able to sew, and I love that dachsund brooch.
    I'm not a seamstress by any means, but as a vintage lover, I feel that any way we can give new life to an item -- while still paying respect to it -- is wonderful. It just gives us a new way to enjoy old things, which is what we all love, right?

  8. I haven't done anything out from a vintage fabric but I love that skirt you've made! Surely it's better that way than keeping it safe, now the whole world may see it! Also, I adore your cap, you're quite a talent.

  9. Beautiful fabric and I love the sweet way you've styled it. Simple 50s cuteness!

  10. hola,
    estilo muy hermoso y Maravilloso...este la Mejor!
    10 sobra 10!

  11. What a beautiful outfit, that fabric is gorgeous! Perfectly styled! x


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