Friday, 8 January 2016

The Hills are Alive...

...with the Sound of Music! Every new dress I own becomes my favourite but  this Lindy Bop Gilda Alpine dress will stay my favourite for a long time. This dress was top of my Christmas wish list as soon as I saw it on the website so when I finally got it I was so pleased! As I've mentioned before, Austria is one of my favourite countries so to find a fifties style dress with an Austrian design is perfect.

I already own a few Lindy Bop dresses which are lovely but I often have issues with their sizing. The actual sizing of the garments doesn't seem to correspond to the sizing chart. However this dress fits perfectly and the measurements are true to size.

The fabric is quite thick which gives the skirt more shape, I am wearing a petticoat but it's definitely not essential with this dress as the fabric and pleats structure it. I love the detail and shape of the bodice too with the collar and buttons.

I bought this brooch from a market stall last year for 50p and have been waiting for the right outfit, I think this is it! My mum knitted the cardigan to match as a Christmas present. It's a pattern from 'Knit Vintage' which is designed as a jumper but I think it's far better as a cardigan and a lot more versatile.
I absolutely love this dress and can't find any faults at all, if I designed an ideal dress for me this would be it!