Thursday, 21 July 2016

Forties Season

The summer 1940s events have come round again and a year has passed. I have now completed my first year of teacher training at university and have two years to go. I have loved living in Chester, working in a primary school and making some amazing friends. 

Now summer is here, I have been attending local 1940s events which have all been fantastic and a great excuse to dress up! 

 The first event was held at the World Heritage site of Ironbridge and even though it was a smaller event, it had a great atmosphere. 

This was great spot for a glass of Pimm's and a cake, even though we got caught by plenty of photographers and even made it in to the local paper! My Collectif high-waisted trousers have been a great choice as they are easy to pair with a blouse or jumper for a forties look.  

 The Severn Valley Forties event is a much bigger one and runs over two weekends. The first weekend I went with my family and again wore my Collectif slacks but with a fair isle jumper and a simple turban in my hair. 

 There is always lots going on at all the stations with houses and caravans to visit and many vehicles too. My favourite are the 1930s and 1940s caravans, they're so pretty inside. 

 I visited the second Severn Valley weekend with my friends which was lots of fun as we also went to the big band Glen Miller show in the evening. 

On the Saturday, I wore a Lindy Bop dress which is a bit more formal because I wanted to dress up for the concert. 

 I wore a hand-knitted cardigan on Sunday which my mum has just finished (I will share more photos soon). I wore this with a charity shop skirt, silk scarf and felt hat. 

 There are several events such as a recreated battle and wedding which take place and add more atmosphere to the weekend.

I really enjoyed these forties events and having a different outfit for each day! I also attended the event at the Black Country museum which I will share soon. 



  1. How exciting! Congratulations on completing your first year. What a great accomplishment. I hope that the next ones goes wonderfully for you, dear gal.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  2. Wow what wonderful events you have been to and all of your outfits are fabulous, especially the wonderful knitwear! Well done on completing your first year of teacher training thats a great achievement and wonderful to have found a career you enjoy!

  3. hello,ciao...what a nice post eventaally!...
    charming outfits!
    very charming outfits!
    very very charming outfits!!
    very very very charming outfits!!!
    in every photos your poses are very lovely and the match with the shoes are perfect...also the photo at the University is so breathtaking as you shine such charisma...the IMG_1611.JPG is stunning the cardigan created by your Mum is a work of Art...cheers!
    great post!

  4. hola!estilo muy maravilloso,muy hermoso y lindo,muy Preciosa:eres muy Guapissima!
    eres la Mejor, 10 sobra 10!


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